EXHIBITIONS at Forestedge Stone


May’s Exhibition is “Metamorphosis” by Wendy Bennett.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 4 May  2019 11am to 2pm.

A word from Paul Smith– Forestedge Stone Gallery – “This month’s exhibition is one that will challenge some. It is a reminder to me that Art is many things- it can take us on a silky, smooth journey through a field overflowing with flowers, or a challenging voyage of discovery and enlightenment. This is the power of Art”


Wendy’s Artist Statement:

Metamorphosis as a theme is an exploration of the concept of change from within.
I am utilising this metaphor in a multilayered way.
As a menstrual artist, I create images of beauty to invite the viewer to receive my art as a catalyst of change, a potential for a metamorphosis in relation to attitudes about menstruation and women's bodies from shame to reverence.
The womb is a portal of metamorphosis and the yoni its gateway, not only for babies, but all creative expressions. My intention, with my choice of subject matter and use of menstrual blood, is to awaken people of all genders to the sacredness, beauty, creative potential and power of the feminine. A collective metamorphosis of honouring the feminine offers the possibility for much healing and growth for all.
When a woman reclaims and honours her body as sacred, emerging into her sovereignty and potency, she experiences a freedom and joy unimaginable in the constraints and limitations of thousands of years of shaming and controlling of female bodies. She emerges from the restrictions of the past with her wings of freedom proudly spread to rise above and follow her own truth.
The journey of metamorphosis, culminating in the freedom and authenticity of the butterfly, is also a very appropriate metaphor for my own personal journey.