EXHIBITIONS at Forestedge Stone


February 1st - 28th Thursday – Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Opening: Saturday 2nd February: 10am - 1pm

‘Spirit of the Wild Things’ is a series of mixed media paintings by Cheryle Bannon exploring images of animals through contemporary mixed media paintings. These intuitive paintings mindfully explore the wisdom of the animal kingdom as guides and messengers.

Animals have an amazing sense of purpose. Their ways of being are in harmony with the natural world and offer so much wisdom and guidance. Wild thing refers to that untamed spirit of animals that is in harmony with their own environment. The spirit of the wild thing is not controlled by an outside force but guided and connected to an innate inner wisdom. These animals are viewed as guides that have so much to share with us when we choose to pause and notice their world.

These intuitive art works embrace Cheryle’s sense of art as mindful spaces of visual storytelling and connection. Cheryle invites you to step into your own story and connect to the animal wisdom of that wild nature that calls to you. Notice what animals catch your attention and consider their ways of being in the world and the wisdom they have to share with you.

Cheryle Bannon

‘wild adjective (NATURAL)

A2 used to refer to plants or animals thatlive or grow independently of people, in natural conditions and with natural characteristics:

wild grasses

herd of wild horses

These herbs grow wild in the area.’

Cambridge dictionary